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BEAM by Cryptoxie

BEAM (Blockchain Enhanced AI Multi-Network) is a blockchain AI conversational tool that acts as a beacon of simplicity in the complex realm of blockchain by seamlessly integrating with familiar messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, and more. BEAM is breaking down the intimidating walls surrounding blockchain technology. Our solution is powered by cutting-edge AI and blockchain, ensuring a secure, transparent, and efficient transaction experience sans the usual tech jargon.

The Problem

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and decentralized finance, users often feel overwhelmed by the complex interfaces and jargon that dominate existing crypto-swapping platforms and decentralized applications. The intricacies of private keys, seed phrases, and the tech-heavy environment act as significant barriers, deterring a vast majority from exploring the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

Problem Confirmation

A mere 7% of Indians actively engage in cryptocurrencies, highlighting the pressing need for more user-friendly solutions.